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Harriet Quimby was an early aviation pioneer with many firsts.

Giacinta Bradley Koontz is an aviation historian who has done extensive research documenting the life of Harriet Quimby. She's written Quimby's biography titled "The Harriet Quimby Scrapbook - The life of America's First Birdwoman".
More info at

Giacinta Bradley Koontz's Harriet Quimby Portal


Brad Matsen - Author of " Descent: The Heroic Discovery of the Abyss"


Brad Matsen talks about about William Beebe, Otis Barton and their courageous 1934 Expedition to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in Barton's Bathysphere.

The Bathysphere was designed to be used by the naturalist William Beebe for studying undersea wildlife. Their dives set several consecutive world records for the deepest dive ever performed by a human. The record set by the deepest of these, to a depth of 3,028 feet on August 15, 1934

More about Brad Matsen


Ina Ray Hutton - Pioneering Jazz Band Leader, Tap Dancer, Singer and TV Host
Mellisa Ritz tells the story of Ina Ray Hutton

From the 1930's and onward Ina Ray Hutton tapped, and sang, conducted her all–female swing bands. . She was the first female bandleader to be recorded and filmed.

Melissa created a one women show about Ina Ray Hutton . It's being performed to sold out theaters all over the country. Tonight she shares the details about her work researching Ina Ray and reveals the amazing story.

More information about Melissa and Ina Ray

Bombshell of Rhythm
The Life & Secrets of Ina Ray Hutton

Ronnie Gilbert - Singer and Activist


Ronnie Gilbert was an American folk singer, songwriter and activist. She was one of the original members of the the Weavers with Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, and Fred Hellerman.

More about Ronnie Gilbert

Paul O Jenkins - Richard Dyer-Bennett

Richard Deyer bennet was a highly influentual minstrel & folk singer. Quite popular in his day but little known today his contempories were Pete Seeger, John Jacob niles, Susan Reed and Leadbelly.

Paul O Jenkins writes about music and is the author the biographical book Richard Dyer-Bennet: The Last Minstrel.

More about Paul O Jenkins
More about Richard Dyer- Bennet

Audio NA

Kelly Rypkema - Biologist with the Abbott Marshlands in Central New Jersey


Kelly is back talking about the natural and anthropological history of the 3000 acre Abbott Marshlands. This area is considered to be one of the most significant wildlife habitats in New Jersey.

Kelly is a biologist and host of Nature in a New York Minute . She is also the manager of the Tulpehaking Nature Center in Hamilton New Jersey.


Alex Webb - Cafe Society Swings

Alex Webb talks about his new play "Cafe Society Swings".

Cafe Society was showcase for African American talent and an American version of the political cabarets seen in Europe. "The Wrong Place for the Right People. "Pearl Bailey was fired for being "too much of an Uncle Tom", and Carol Channing was fired for an impersonation of Ethel Waters. Billie Holiday first sang "Strange Fruit" there; at Josephson's insistence, she closed her set with this song, leaving the stage without taking any encores, so that the audience would be left to think about the meaning of the song.

More info about Alex Webb

Richard Barone - Musician & Producer
Richard Barone is an American rock musician born in Tampa, Florida who first gained attention as frontman for The Bongos. He works as a songwriter, arranger, author, director, and producer, releases albums as a solo artist, tours, and has created major concert events at Carnegie Hall, Hollywood Bowl and New York's Central Park. He is also is a professor at NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

 Circle of Song performance series
 Richard Barone's Website

Barb Jungr Cabaret Star and Song Stylist

Barb Jungr is an English singer-songwriter, composer and writer. She is best known for her work with, or "interpretations" of, the songs of Bob Dylan. A song-stylist incorporating jazz and blues, her approach often includes radical re-readings of known writers as well as original material.

Barb Jungr Website



Jessica Walker Talks about her new play:

"Pat Kirkwood is Angry"

Jessica is an opera singer who writes, produces and acts. She talks about her career and interests and future plans. She is a versatile, highly regarded singer and performer. Having started out in mainstream opera, she now also devises and writes her own shows. She is currently in the final year of a part time, practice-led PhD at Leeds university.



 John Kruth talks about Jethro Burns

John Kruth is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist best known for his highly energetic “Banshee Mandolin style of playing. Kruth is an author of many books, articles and a big fan of Jethro Burns.


Bill Fisher and Wrye Bread

Bill Fisher is organizer of grassroots culture music and dance and Wry Bred is a musical ensemble that engages in joyful musical conversations with driving rhythms and exuberant harmonies. What a combination!

Bill Fisher - Percussion and whistle, Julie Sorcek on flute and saxophone, Mickey Koth on fiddle Robert Messore guitar wizard



Annette Loyd - Harold Loyd

Annette is the author of books on Harold Lloyd, including Magic In a Pair of Horn-Rimmed Glasses and the creator of Harold in 1995.

Annette is not related to Harold Loyd ,but is one of his biggest fan.



 Trevor Pinch - Robert Moog

Trevor Pinch is Professor of Science and Technology Studies and Professor of Sociology at Cornell University. He is the coeditor of How Users Matter: The Co-Construction of Users and Technology and the coauthor of Analog Days: The Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer and other books.


 Bria Skonberg and the NY Hot Jazz Festival

Bria is an award winning trumpeter, vocalist and composer

She is the co-producer of the NYC Hot Hot Jazz Festival.



Kelly Rypkema - Confessions of a First-time Amphibian Wrangler

Talking with Kelly Rypkema about her particpation in the Amphibian Crossing Project. Early each spring, thousands the of frogs, toads, and salamanders come out at night to travel to their annual meeting at the local breeding pool.

Kelly Rypkema a biologist and host of Nature in a New York Minute . She is also the manager of the Tulpehaking Nature Center in hamilton New Jersey.


Steven Cole and James Morgan - Inventing Mary Martin

Steven Cole wrote the play and James Morgan is the Artistic Director of the Theater in New York Ciry. They are about their new biographical musical about the film, Broadway and broadcast musical legacy of Mary Martin.




Fair Haven Coffee Barge Program

The Last Oyster Barge

309 Front Street in New Haven may be the home of Last Oyster Barge in the Unied States. The barge was built in the 1840's to haul and sell oysters from New York City. How did it end up in New Haven?

Urban Development has put this important maritime artifact in jeopardy of being lost.

Listen to Dolly's interview about preserving our maritime heritage.

 Dolly Curtis - Program Host
 Ken Karl Preservationalist



Ken Karls - The Last NYC OYSTER BARGE

Oyster Barge may Become a Museum

National Maritime Historical Society





Casey Jones Sunday Night with Dave Schwartz - A Cornucopia of American Roots and Folk Music

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